The world is so loud at times isn’t it? The pressures, the overbearing opinions, social media, the news….it all can get really loud at times. Not to mention, the constant thought we put into our own lives that just adds to the noisiness of the world.

If any of you are like me, our minds are never quiet! We think of the countless obligations we have, ways to grow, our stresses, our happiness, etc. etc. etc. I could really go on. As my best friend and I say, “many tabs are always open” in our minds. The issue is one, we can never be fully present. If we are always thinking about what’s next, how can we appreciate the now? Another issue is overthinking. We all know the issues overthinking can cause. Hell, overthinking causes issues that don’t even exist.

So how do we quiet our minds?

Honestly, its work. Every day its work to train our minds. Every day we have to control our focus. I’ve had moments, where I’ve sat right by myself and had an anxiety attack because of my thoughts. Even in a time where I feel so aligned spiritually, quieting my mind is still an obstacle. The want and need for me to better, humble and successful at times overtakes my mind, and then eventually my body. Affirmations is one of my favorite ways, because I’m able to repeat sentences that put me at ease. Quiet rooms, counting backwards from 20 with deep breaths (meditation technique), yoga and a quiet walk outside have been my go to’s for easing my mind.

We all overthink, but some more than others. But think about why we overthink. We overthink because of the unknown and more often times than not, its the unknown opinion or actions of others. We have to learn to trust our faith and realize that the opinion and actions of others have nothing to do with us. In all honesty, sometimes over thinking comes from guilt or insecurities. In those situations we can chose to keep playing victim or we can forgive ourselves and regain confidence. Overthinking is proven to cause physical health issues because of the amount of stress it puts on the body.

It seems the norm for people to say “think positive.” But there’s so much power behind it. Training your mind to think positively creates a pattern, its creates a routine. The more you do it, the better you will become. That’s not to say there won’t be negative days. Its like a diet for your mind. We all have days where we over-do it. The key is wheeling it back and getting back aligned. TALK IT OUT, WRITE IT OUT! Talking and/or writing out your thoughts are powerful as well. There’s something about taking my overwhelming thoughts and creating a plan, or writing them down that make me feel a sense of release.

Our mind is no different than our bodies. We have to feed it and train it and take care of it for it to provide the best benefits. Close those open tabs, be still, don’t let the unknown control you. Meditation, affirmations, quietness, yoga aren’t meant to control your mind; they are meant to be useful tools to stop letting your mind control you. Our mental health is dependent upon it. How do you or how will you quiet your mind?


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