This year has been one hell of a year thus far. So many things have happened, that if you have never experienced anxiety before, you probably have in the last 6 months. COVID really was an eye opener for all of us. Being secluded and not being able to go anywhere, is like a vacation at first. But as time goes on we become trapped in this space of the unknown. Fear took over our minds and fear alone can do damaging things to our minds & our bodies.

For those of us who are parents, who were promoted to home school teachers; the struggle has been real! Having to be an essential employee, while making sure our children’s education doesn’t suffer, affected everything! The anxiety of the unknown and living this new normal was enough for anyone to feel a permanent state of confusion. For those of us who lost our jobs. The stress of not knowing how bills are going to be paid, how we are going to take care of our family, can make our chest tighten!

I’ve experienced small doses of anxiety over the years, but I realized just how deep my anxiety ran during the lock downs. As we all are trying to be better people and we set goals and have plans; COVID came and was a road block for a lot of that for me. My thoughts became overwhelmed with worry and confusion. How am I going to get all of this done? It seemed like all that work I had did to train my mind to be better, went away. I had to dig even deeper. Now I can say that COVID was the reasoning for my awakening.

Feeling confused, unfocused, worried, stressed, body aches, chest tightening. I thought something was wrong with me. It was my mind playing tricks on me. It was nothing more than an anxiety attack. So I had to go back to the drawing board. I dug deep! I dug so deep, I almost scared my damn self at the things I discovered.

When everything is going good, its easy not to have anxiety, what is there really to worry about? But the moment things got too much, those positive thoughts, those affirmations, began to be the furthest thing from my mind. So I want you to know, you are not alone QUEEN! I had to change my whole routine. I planned to sit outside and receive the healing of the sunlight. I got crystals that could help me during meditation to be more focused. I opened up my study BIBLE, I had received as a gift years ago, for the first time. I’ll say it was all right on time.

I had to take control of me! I realized my OCD and the need for completion, made me too anxious. So when there were interruptions, I didn’t know how to handle them. So I had to take control and find ways to therapy, that helped me learn to stop trying to control the uncontrollable.

All of our anxiety stems from different places. But it’s important to me to let you know that you know I get it! You are not alone! and that YOU can and YOU will get past this! It’s okay to drop everything for your mental health. This pandemic taught me that at any given moment we can STOP. We can put everything on HOLD and focus on whats really important. And when we are ready to interact with the world again, we see we truly didn’t miss a thing. I came back with a business, a humble heart, a filled soul and balanced mind. I know now that at any given point, when it gets too much or my anxiety starts to shine through too often, I can make my own lock down. I can rebegin again.

The same goes for you! It’s okay! I think living with anxiety will forever be a topic, especially from here on out! Its important that we learn that anxiety isn’t a road block, its a revelation. It’s an alarm letting our bodies & minds know to wait a minute. Its a warning that adjustments need to be made! Don’t let anxiety hold you back and never be afraid to begin again! Your mental health will thank you later!


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