On our journey, we must remember that our mind can be our greatest asset or our biggest problem. How we think, what we believe, it all shapes the steps we take and ultimately the life we live. If we expect to grow out of anything we have to believe in who we are and who we are becoming. Too often we overvalue what we aren’t and undervalue what we are.

We’ve all made mistakes in the past. But the key is knowing our mistakes don’t define us! If we continue to believe that our mistakes deem us unworthy of any positivity, then our life will reflect that.

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve made some heart wrenching mistakes in the past. And me holding on to those mistakes kept me from believing in who I could be. A better me! More than often we feel so guilty for our mistakes because of the opinion of others. But let me make this clear. The extent to which others believe in us SHOULD NOT dictate how much we believe in ourselves.

We have to have confidence. We have to know who we are. When we can stand in the present and accept the mistakes, flaws and mishaps, only then can we fully believe in our steps forward.

WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES! No matter how long the bridge is we must cross along our journey of growth. No matter how high the mountain is we have to climb. We have to believe we can do it. Step by step. One foot in front of the other. With each passing level our belief will go stronger and stronger.

It’s important we believe in ourselves. Along our journey there will be naysayers. There will be people that quit on us. There will be people who try to tarnish us. There will be road blocks. There will be times so hard, that it might seem simpler to revert back to the old us. But when we believe in ourselves those naysayers mean nothing. When we believe in ourselves, people quitting on us may hurt, but we realize all we need is our own roots to grow. When there are road blocks, believing in ourself means we will try countless ways to get to where we want because we know we deserve it!

Believing in you means that even if it means standing alone, that you will be your best self. It means even if nobody claps, you keep going. Believing in you means there are no boundaries to what you can achieve! As juvenile as the saying “believe in you & anything is possible” is, it is absolutely true. We should never set a goal and add a BUT of contradiction. Like “I want to be a lawyer, but that’s just too much school.” “I want to start a business, but what if nobody supports.” We are counting ourselves out before we ever get started. And we will never grow from that.

As we end our journey of growth series, I first want to thank all my readers for growing with me! As I continue my journey & as I hope you continue yours, I hope that my writings and experiences can be reflected upon to help you along the way. Remember this journey begins and ends with believing in you!

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