What does it truly mean to pour into ourselves? It’s deeper than self care on the surface, but it truly looks and feels different for everyone.

I can’t think of a better time to practice pouring into self. At this time when we are naked of all the things society defines as “self-care.” When our hair is at its most natural, our nails are naked and we have no where to go and no one to prove that we “self-care.” Although those things make us feel good, pouring in, is so much deeper than it all.

Pouring into self is the way we talk to ourselves. The way we word things. We all can respond to the same sentence differently. For me, it was as simple as changing “I’m so glad I have nothing to do today” to “I completed everything I needed to do for the week.” As similar as those sentences may be, the way my mind processes them are different. The stigma my mind has around doing “nothing” makes me feel like I should be doing something. But knowing I’m entering my weekend in completion gives me that feeling of accomplishment I need for my mind to rest and be still.

Pouring into self is our soulful connections. Making time to learn, to laugh, to love and be loved. We don’t have to be social everyday to allow those connections to pour in. This is also a great way to distinguish those connections that we hold on to that constantly take from us with no reciprocation.

Pouring into self is accountability. Theres no better self realization than apologizing without being told we were wrong. Just knowing that maybe our reactions weren’t our best, or what we said wasn’t the nicest. That feeling of accountability may feel like it’s taking a piece away from us, but in reality it’s adding value to who we are. It’s pouring into what we stand for. It’s pouring into the respect we have for ourselves.

Pouring into self is our spiritual connections. The way we worship, the way we pray, the way we manifest. Whatever that looks like to each of us. We need our spiritual connections because there are so many things about life that are out of our control. If we don’t stay spiritually connected, we will constantly be taking away from ourselves trying to control every thing.

On our journey of growth, pouring into self will be a constant. There will still be empty days. Those days our connections are imperative. How we talk to ourselves is imperative. There will be days when we are overflowing. Those are the days we pour back into the ones who have poured into us.

I keep a journal. My journal has drastically changed over the last 6 months. At first it was a way for me to write down and pray on everything I felt I needed to improve. But I found that the journal wasn’t uplifting at all. After a while I shyed away from it, hating to see all the things I felt like I wasn’t doing good enough yet. But it’s self care to write it out, I thought. I’m being accountable I thought, because I know what’s wrong with me. But through my soulful and spiritual connections, I found that I’m allowed to like things about myself, that others don’t. So now instead of writing down just the things I need to improve. I write down what I like about myself. What I enjoyed doing that day or that week. I write down the weird things about myself that very few understand. Pouring into me has made me realize how deep pouring into self really is.

Yeah we say get a journal. But how will that journal serve us? Yeah we say run a bubble bath, but how will that bath serve us? A facial for me is more than clear skin. It’s about healthy skin, learning something new to take care of myself. Accepting the imperfections about my skin. Knowing I’m unique with the millions of freckles that I once hated.

No everything doesn’t have to be so deep. But when we are talking about pouring into ourselves ladies, it is that deep! I challenge you all to go deeper along your journey.


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